Succeeding With ACO REACH

5 Ways to Focus on Health Equity Outcomes

CMS has issued a 5-step Disparities Impact Statement worksheet to help ACO REACH participants better define their Health Equity Plans (although the exact requirements have yet to be published). While the 5 steps provide a great starting point, maximizing your opportunities to improve health equity and realize shared savings will require a focus on improving outcomes, rather than checking the right boxes for participation.

Read our guide to take a look at each of the 5 steps in the Disparities Impact Statement and how you can go beyond checking the boxes to ensure ACO REACH program success.

  • Identify Health Disparities and Priority Individuals
  • Secure Your Goals
  • Establish Step-by-Step Metrics for Your Organization's Health Equity Strategy
  • Determine What Your Organization Needs to Optimize Its Strategy
  • Adapt and Accelerate Your Progress

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