ClosedLoop Company Overview

ClosedLoop employs a “platform + people” approach to help ensure your success. Our professional services team meets you where you are, creating an implementation roadmap based on your goals, resources, and data science expertise. We work with you to iteratively develop predictive models, incorporate early clinician feedback, and integrate predictions into operational workflows to provide a clear path to value and effectiveness.

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ClosedLoop Company Overview

The Recognized Leader in Predictive AI/ML for Healthcare

ClosedLoop gives providers, payers, and value-based care organizations the ability to make accurate, explainable, and actionable predictions of individual- level health risks. With data science tools and content built to enable rapid iteration and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across a broad range of healthcare use cases, ClosedLoop maximizes your opportunities for improving outcomes and reducing costs with a short time to value.

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