Book – Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Global Epidemics

Dave DeCaprio, ClosedLoop's CTO and founder, was invited to write a chapter for Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Global Epidemics, a book detailing the role of AI in various stages of disease outbreak – using COVID-19 as a case study. Dave's chapter, entitled "Preparing with predictions: forecasting epidemics with artificial intelligence," covers factors to consider when assessing data sets for AI use, explores real-world case studies, and evaluates the application of predictions in the areas of disease spread, population health management, and resource allocation.

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Book – Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Global Epidemics

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Global Epidemics provides readers with a detailed technical description of the role Artificial Intelligence plays in various stages of a disease outbreak, using COVID-19 as a case study. In the fight against epidemics, medical staff are on the front line; but behind the lines the battle is fought by researchers, and data scientists. Artificial Intelligence has been helping researchers with computer modeling and simulation for predictions about disease progression, the overall economic situation, tax incomes and population development. In the same manner, AI can prepare researchers for any emergency situation by backing the medical science. Artificial Intelligence plays a key and cutting-edge role in the preparedness for and dealing with the outbreak of global epidemics.

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