Video – AI Innovation Circle: Healthcare's X-Prize - Explainable AI For Healthcare

The CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge was the largest competition ever for healthcare AI with over 300 entrants and $1.6m in prize money. While many AI contests focus on accuracy, the CMS challenge emphasized explainability and “physician trust.” In this video panel by AI Innovation Circle, challenge winner and CEO, Andrew Eye, will join Graham Brooks, partner at .406 Ventures, to discuss explainability in healthcare AI, the importance of domain expertise for AI project success, and CMS challenge takeaways.

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Video – AI Innovation Circle: Healthcare's X-Prize - Explainable AI For Healthcare

About the AI Innovation Circle Virtual Summit:

Investments in AI have attracted more capital than any other technology in history. Globally, the race is on to fund, develop and acquire the most cutting-edge start-ups, particularly those offering breakthrough applications in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. With attention around AI continuing to prevail, the AI Innovation Circle united Investors, Start-ups, Industry and Strategics for exclusive partnering and AI-powered matchmaking, plus critical discussions which go beyond the AI hype to grasp what’s truly at stake and where future opportunities lie. This interactive 1-day program uncovered what the industry truly needs from AI: What problems can be solved? How can investors cut through the noise? How to build a start-up for scale? How to drive a successful exit? Plus much more.

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