Video – The Data Science Behind the COVID-19 Vulnerability Index

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Dave DeCaprio, the CTO and co-founder of, gives an inside look at how C-19 Index was developed. He covers several aspects that were interesting about this project from a data science perspective, such as the lack of available data on COVID-19, how the types of models were selected, and the tight timeframes facing ClosedLoop.

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Video – The Data Science Behind the COVID-19 Vulnerability Index

The C-19 Index is an open-source, AI-based predictive model that identifies people who are likely to have a heightened vulnerability to severe complications from COVID-19 (commonly referred to as “The Coronavirus”). The C-19 Index is intended to help hospitals, federal / state / local public health agencies and other healthcare organizations in their work to identify, plan for, respond to, and reduce the impact of COVID-19 in their communities.

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