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Forward by Dawn: Improving Health Outcomes With Data and AI

Dave DeCaprio, CTO and Co-founder of ClosedLoop discusses powering healthcare interventions with AI/ML predictions.

Interested in learning about how ClosedLoop customers are using AI/ML to improve health outcomes and why AI is key to success in value-based care? ClosedLoop’s CTO and Co-founder Dave DeCaprio recently sat down on the Forward podcast to discuss powering healthcare interventions with AI/ML predictions, designing healthcare AI/ML for explainability and bias/fairness, the forthcoming healthcare data revolution, and more.

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ClosedLoop Named Best in KLAS 2023

ClosedLoop ranked #1 in Healthcare Artificial Intelligence: Data Science Solutions for the second year in a row. ClosedLoop received “A+”s and “A”s across all evaluation categories, scoring 95.2 overall on a 100-point scale based directly on feedback from customer interviews with KLAS.

Videos and Podcasts

Millennium Alliance Live Featuring Andrew Eye

Andrew Eye, CEO at ClosedLoop, breaks down AI's role in driving down the total cost of care and improving clinical decision-making to produce better health outcomes.

Videos and Podcasts

How and Why You Should Assess Bias & Fairness in Healthcare AI Before Deploying to Clinical Workflows

Watch the on-demand session to learn why it's important to evaluate algorithms for bias before deployment and what metrics you can use to assess bias. Plus, get a demo of new product features built precisely for this purpose.

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