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Software has the power to improve health and save lives

Learn how ClosedLoop uses the power of AI to identify at-risk patients and recommend the best interventions for each individual.




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Use all your data to drive superior accuracy


Healthcare data is messy, let us find the signal.  ClosedLoop uses  all available data points  to inform our risk scores, predictions and recommendations on an individual patient basis.  Incomplete records?  Small population?  No problem.  ClosedLoop leverages all  your data streams including EHR, clinical notes, labs, pharmacy, claims, health risk assessments, device data and more.  Our AI platform learns from patterns in your data along with millions of health records in our own data warehouse to generate more accurate predictions and recommendations.

Let us show you how we can improve the accuracy of your current risk stratification and intervention targeting approaches.





ClosedLoop’s Contributing Factors technology gives confidence to clinical staff by providing visibility into each patient’s specific risk scores and  intervention recommendations.  


Demonstrated results
in one day, not months


Too good to be true?  Let us prove it.  ClosedLoop can demonstrate the accuracy of our models in your population within 24 hours of receiving your historical data.  Off the shelf models for total cost, readmission risk, chronic disease, and more can be tailored to match your specific data streams and goals.  Don’t see a model that suits your needs?  New models can be created quickly by your own analysts or by our services team.  No data-science degree required.

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