SOLUTIONS  |  Predict for Providers & ACOs

Improve patient outcomes.

Harness all available patient data and integrate public SDoH data stores, conduct targeted outreach based on highly accurate models​ trained on your unique data, and achieve timely and opportune impact from always-on prediction capabilities.

Prevent avoidable adverse conditions and events

Rapid proliferation of value-based care is driving clinical teams to anticipate complex illnesses and acute health events. Improve patient health outcomes and more efficiently focus resources by predicting which patients need proactive care and engagement.

Optimize patient utilization and access

Inappropriate or unmanaged healthcare access impedes outcomes and administration. Optimize utilization and reduce costs by predicting which patients are at the highest risk for undesirable outcomes by proactively directing them to the most appropriate care settings and resources.

Achieve more quality goals

Quality and safety standards demand intensive vigilance and planning. Safeguard against preventable adverse events that can derail your quality and safety efforts with insights that support high-quality outpatient care and care continuity.

Anticipate revenue & operations interruptions

Minimize revenue disruptions and streamline operations with advanced insights from predictions on clinical staffing issues, appointment no-shows, fraud & abuse, and more.

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