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December 15, 2021

Zoom - Webinar

Value-based Care: A Machine Learning Approach

In this 45 minute session, ClosedLoop CRO Paul Auffermann will detail how ClosedLoop provides healthcare organizations with the ability to implement accurate and explainable predictive models to identify their highest-risk patients, optimize interventions, drive significant cost savings, and improve outcomes.

Past Events

In Person Event

October 30, 2021

San Diego, CA

AMIA 2021 Annual Symposium

The AMIA Annual Symposium builds on more than 40 years of sharing research and insights for leveraging information to improve human health. This year's event will showcase the latest innovations from the nation's leading biomedical informatics researchers and practitioners.

In Person Event

October 17, 2021

Boston, MA

HLTH Boston 2021

HLTH 2021 is an event designed for the health industry, bringing together senior leaders to solve healthcare’s most pressing problems and realize the most promising opportunities to create health’s future. HLTH features four days of inspiring content, curated networking, educational sessions, and dynamic events for payers, providers, employers, investors, startups, life sciences, policymakers and innovation centers.

October 5, 2021

Virtual Webinar

Entrepreneurship in the Age of Data Ownership: How Crowdsourcing Empowers AI-Driven Startups

There's a challenge almost every AI startup faces, yet almost no one talks about: how do you get enough quality data to train your algorithms? In this panel, ClosedLoop's CTO and Founder, Dave DeCaprio, will tackle this question with other industry experts. They will discuss various ways of harvesting data in budding and growing businesses, and how crowdsourcing can empower entrepreneurs to become data owners.


September 28, 2021

Zoom Webinar

Promoting Equity in Tech, with Tech, and to Tech

The technology sector is struggling with diversity and equity issues, while many cities and communities are finding that access to technology—broadband, devices, training, etc—is also inequitable among different socioeconomic and demographic groups. Can technology itself be used to help identify inequities, determine causes, and help develop effective solutions? Tune in to the webinar to find out.


September 22, 2021

On-Demand Webinar

MedCity Invest: Digital Health

As artificial intelligence and machine learning begin to gain acceptance in healthcare, how do we make sure that implicit bias does not make its way into our algorithms. What standards are out there for ensuring that technology doesn’t make systemic inequality worse? Find out in the on-demand webinar, How to Incorporate Robust Bioethics in Algorithms, featuring Carol McCall, ClosedLoop's Chief Health Analytics Officer.


September 2, 2021

Zoom - Webinar

How ClosedLoop Won The CMS AI Challenge

Discover how ClosedLoop ultimately emerged from the initial 300+ entrants as the winner of the largest healthcare AI challenge ever. We will discuss the two-year challenge, our approach to the solution development process, and the key lessons learned.


August 14, 2021

Virtual Conference Portal

Virtual Conference 2021 KDD

Tune in to the 2021 KDD Workshop on Applied Data Science for Healthcare, featuring Dave DeCaprio, CTO and Founder of ClosedLoop. Dave's will session will be conducted virtually from 6:40 pm - 7:20 pm (EST) on August 15, and will offer a unique perspective into healthcare data science from the winner of the CMS AI Health Outcomes challenge.

In Person Event

August 9, 2021

Las Vegas

HIMSS 2021

ClosedLoop is headed to Las Vegas to attend HIMSS and showcase Healthcare’s Data Science Platform. Stop by booth C100-15, located in Caesars Forum, and attend our Innovation Live speaking session or afternoon break (registration is limited). We would love to show you how we beat out IBM, Deloitte, and the Mayo Clinic to win the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge.


July 27, 2021

Zoom Webinar

WEDI Summer Forum 2021

WEDI's annual summer spectacular addresses key and emerging topics in the intersection of administrative and clinical data. Tune in to hear Carol McCall, Chief Health Analytics Officer, speak at WEDI 2021. Her session, Accelerating the Development of AI Solutions for Predicting Patient Health Outcomes, will take place on July 27, from 3:30 to 4:15 EST.


June 10, 2021

AI Innovation Circle: Healthcare's X-Prize - Explainable AI For Healthcare

In this panel, ClosedLoop.ai CEO, Andrew Eye, joins Graham Brooks, partner at .406 Ventures, to discuss explainability in healthcare AI, the importance of domain expertise for AI project success, and CMS challenge takeaways.


June 3, 2021

Dimensions in Digital Transformation: Predictive Analytics

Yuriy Onyskiv, Healthbox, and Andrew Eye, ClosedLoop.ai discuss the future of predictive analytics and its role in supporting health outcomes, as well as how regulation in clinical analytics impacts patient care.


August 5, 2020

Virtual Talk

Magnimind Academy: Practical Machine Learning for Healthcare

In this talk, ClosedLoop CTO, Dave DeCaprio, will discuss some of the challenges to achieving the promise of machine learning in healthcare, along with some practical approaches.


July 9, 2020


AWS Healthcare & Life Sciences Web Day

ClosedLoop's Chief Health Analytics Officer, Carol McCall, discusses measuring tangible ROI for predictive systems, building clinical trust, bias, and the challenges of operational deployment of machine learning models.

June 15, 2020


The Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Data Science

The COVID-19 crisis has seen unprecedented public-private collaboration, particularly in Healthcare. Hear from Data Science thought leaders on what they have learned from their organization’s response to the crisis and how they are preparing their teams for the future and the challenges ahead.

April 22, 2020


Population Health in a Pandemic: Protecting the Vulnerable in the Fight Against COVID-19

Hear from healthcare thought leaders on how they are keeping their members safe and out of the hospital during the COVID-19 crisis using machine learning and predictive analytics tools to target outreach to those most vulnerable and help them “shelter in place”.

March 31, 2020


Galvanize: The Data Science Behind the C19 Index

Dave DeCaprio, the CTO and Co-Founder of ClosedLoop.ai, gives an inside look at how C19 Index was developed.

December 12, 2019

Laguna Beach, CA


Three-days dedicated to the transformative impact that AI-inspired technology is having on healthcare.

December 4, 2019

Austin, TX

Galvanize Presentation

Accuracy of Predictive Models for Data Science

October 27, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

HLTH 2019

The largest and most important conference for health innovation. ClosedLoop returns to HLTH for their 2nd annual conference!

September 16, 2019

Santa Clara, CA


Data to Action: Data-Driven Decision Panel Discussion