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Healthcare AI in 2022: Insights from Best in KLAS Winner ClosedLoop

Join ClosedLoop in this 45-minute on-demand session as we discuss the importance of machine learning in healthcare, opportunities and challenges for organizations considering or already working with AI, and how our partners are using the platform to improve patient outcomes and reduce cost.

KLAS Research named ClosedLoop Best in KLAS for Healthcare Artificial Intelligence: Data Science Solutions in 2022, ahead of Epic, Cerner, Health Catalyst, and others. ClosedLoop has helped healthcare organizations make accurate, explainable, and actionable AI predictive analytics an integral part of care delivery since its founding in 2017.

Our end-to-end machine learning and data science platform, coupled with our extensive healthcare expertise, allows for the building of models that clinicians can trust (a component of why we won the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge).

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