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Just-in-Time Intervention for Reducing Avoidable ER Visits

Join Jamo Rubin of RightSite Health and Carol McCall, Chief Health Analytics Officer of ClosedLoop, to hear how RightSite’s intervention, paired with AI/ML, could be a massive win-win-win for providers, payers, and patients.

More than 50% of emergency room (ER) visits are avoidable. Those that occur unnecessarily are expensive for health plans, can eclipse the services members actually need, and cause life-threatening delays in response time for emergency medical services (EMS).

Predictive analytics—especially approaches that incorporate social determinants of health—can help identify the individuals most likely to visit the ER for non-emergent reasons in the near future. But the typical population health intervention of education and outreach may have limited effectiveness.

RightSite Health is the first to build a personalized and tech-enabled navigation service for health plan members to help them make better decisions when faced with non-emergency situations. By intervening at the time of an EMS call, RightSite’s trained patient navigators can assess patients’ needs and help redirect non-emergent visits to more appropriate and lower-cost care settings.

On Wednesday, September 6, RightSite’s CEO Jamo Rubin sat down with ClosedLoop’s Carol McCall to discuss:

  • How ER visits have been reduced by 75% through RightSite’s just-in-time intervention
  • How RightSite used ClosedLoop’s data science platform and expertise to demonstrate that certain avoidable ER visits can have negative contribution margin for hospitals and health systems
  • Why RightSite’s intervention, paired with AI/ML, could be a massive win-win-win for providers, payers, and patients

Access the recording to hear about how purpose-built healthcare data science tools are accelerating health services innovation.

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