KLAS Research Segment Insights: Healthcare AI 2022

ClosedLoop ranked as #1 healthcare AI data science vendor with an overall A+ grade and 100% of customers intending to buy again.

Winning Best in KLAS reflects ClosedLoop’s commitment to customer success, the quality of its data science platform and implementation services, and the proven value realized by its partners in the pursuit of improved health outcomes.

The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform healthcare has been both championed and challenged. In 2019, KLAS published its first research on healthcare AI data science solutions, exploring healthcare organizations’ clinical, financial, and operational use cases and the early outcomes they were achieving. An update to that research, this report examines how outcomes and customer satisfaction have evolved in the years since.

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KLAS Research Segment Insights: Healthcare AI 2022

While there are many different types of organizations attempting to apply AI/ML capabilities in solving problems for healthcare organizations (including Lightbeam/Jvion, Advata/KenSci, Health Catalyst/Healthcare.ai, Bayesian Health, Medial EarlySign, N1 Health/Algorex Health, Exponential AI, Lumiata, and Socially Determined), there is only one industry-recognized data science platform in Healthcare AI/ML predicting the future, so you can change it.

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For more information on ClosedLoop's win of Best in KLAS, check out our press release.

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