Precision Health Intelligence – The Key to Population Health Success

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  • What is Precision Health Intelligence and why is it essential for the future of healthcare?
  • How are alternate payment models reshaping healthcare?
  • What are the key competencies that effective Population Health Management requires?
  • How can organizations leverage technology platforms to overcome AI implementation barriers without relying on data scientists?

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Data and analytics are increasingly at the heart of healthcare. Healthcare is rapidly evolving toward a value-based system, one centered on individuals, prevention, and the management of chronic disease. This essential evolution hinges on several mutually reinforcing elements, particularly Population Health Management (PHM), where success will demand new competencies, skills, and infrastructures.

To power this evolution, the industry’s traditional rules-based analytics and risk stratification methods are simply inadequate to the task. Healthcare’s new business models need Precision Health Intelligence, a synthesis of complementary technologies designed to address the specific challenges organizations face as healthcare transforms into a value-based system.

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Providers & ACOs

Predict the comprehensive chronic and preventive care needs of individual patients with unparalleled precision.

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Predict and prioritize high-risk members and use Contributing Factors insights to personalize outreach and interventions.

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Pharma & Life Science

Strengthen commercial success, gain precision insights into key cohorts, and power digital therapeutics and value-based contracts.

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Digital Health

Distinguish precision cohorts, enable intelligent feedback loops, streamline product innovation, and transform impact assessment.

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