Video — Precision Health Intelligence: The Key to Success in Value-based Care

Healthcare is evolving toward a value-based system, one centered on individuals, prevention, and the management of chronic disease. Among other things, success in value-based care requires the ability to anticipate a person’s health needs, particularly if they are adverse events that can potentially be avoided. But with traditional analytics and rules-based risk stratification methods simply not up to the task, how can healthcare organizations succeed under those arrangements? The answer: Precision health intelligence.

Precision health intelligence isn’t a model, and goes beyond any specific method or technique. It is a system of practice that integrates several developments into a set of complementary technologies aimed at some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

In this 45-minute session, ClosedLoop's chief health analytics officer, Carol McCall, will explain Precision Health Intelligence, and the importance it plays for healthcare providers, payers, and healthcare organizations focused on finding new solutions for success in value-based care.

Click here or on the video above to watch the webinar.

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Video — Precision Health Intelligence: The Key to Success in Value-based Care

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