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Case Study — Medical Home Network Enriches Predictions with SDoH Data

Read how incorporating SDoH data into its models allowed Medical Home Network to proactively identify and connect individuals likely to incur high costs with care management resources and community-based organizations.

Chicago-based Medical Home Network (MHN) is driven by a mission to transform care and improve health outcomes for safety net populations and is creating community-based, clinically integrated systems of care that focus on the whole person. To reduce preventable spending, MHN connects individuals likely to incur high costs with care management resources and community-based organizations that address social determinants of health (SDoH).

‍In partnership with ClosedLoop, Medical Home Network was able to use SDoH data in their risk stratification methods to identify 41% more of the individuals with the highest 5% of spending that enabled improved intervention targeting.

‍Read the case study.

Read the case study


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