Case Studies

Case Study — Healthfirst Achieves Agile AI/ML in Healthcare

Learn how Healthfirst’s analytics team has dramatically enhanced its ability to train, test, and deploy AI-based models. The team has developed 978 custom features to supplement 612 features created using ClosedLoop’s pre-built templates.

As a healthcare innovator and early pioneer in value-based healthcare, Healthfirst realized that developing robust predictive capabilities was critical to improving member outcomes while reducing costs, and made the development of agile AI/ML capabilities a top priority.

Since 2019, they’ve partnered with ClosedLoop for a comprehensive suite of tools and pre-built templates supporting all aspects of healthcare machine learning. ClosedLoop’s tools enabled the team to rapidly build, iterate on, and validate predictive models and deploy them to clinical end-user workflows.

‍Read the case study to learn how Healthfirst has implemented an agile AI development process with ClosedLoop. Healthfirst has defined and built 1,590 healthcare-specific ML features and has 17 predictive models currently deployed.

Read the case study


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Case Studies

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Case Studies

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