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Digital Health Success Requires Best-in-Class Data Science

Read the summary sheet to learn how ClosedLoop can help you define the future of digital health.

There has never been a greater opportunity for digital health to transform outcomes, drive efficiency, and change lives. Regulation, reimbursement, increased access to data, and newfound consumer expectations are all converging in a unique chance to scale digital health.

Whether you’re in the market for your first data science hire or have an established team, ClosedLoop can help you define the future of digital health.

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Case Study — Healthfirst Achieves Agile AI/ML in Healthcare

Learn how Healthfirst’s analytics team has dramatically enhanced its ability to train, test, and deploy AI-based models. The team has developed 978 custom features to supplement 612 features created using ClosedLoop’s pre-built templates.


ClosedLoop Named Best in KLAS 2023

ClosedLoop ranked #1 in Healthcare Artificial Intelligence: Data Science Solutions for the second year in a row. ClosedLoop received “A+”s and “A”s across all evaluation categories, scoring 95.2 overall on a 100-point scale based directly on feedback from customer interviews with KLAS.

White Papers

Precision Health Intelligence – The Key to Population Health Success

Learn what practical steps forward-thinking organizations can take to maximize the impact of Precision Health Intelligence systems.

Make AI/ML a core element of your care strategy.

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