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The business of life sciences R&D is fundamentally shifting – from a focus on approval to a broader view on widespread adoption by providers and payers, from proving value in controlled, clinical settings to demonstrating it in target populations and real-world conditions.

Automatically ingest data from dozens of health data sources including...

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ClosedLoop generates explainable predictions using

thousands of auto-generated, clinically relevant contributing factors

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Real World Outcome Analytics

Gain insights into the patients that benefit from your products and learn how to distinguish who achieves
significantly better outcomes than others.  

How much does it improve patient outcomes? Does it outperform alternative therapies? Does it achieve these outcomes at an appropriate value? Which patients are most likely to benefit from it?

  • Understand the health economics and data-driven outcomes for important therapeutic areas
  • Refine key subpopulations, segmentation and targeting capabilities 
  • Identify valuable drug & service offering bundles that drive differential outcomes and pricing options
  • Explore value-based pricing mechanisms and metrics
  • Identify important real-world evidence metrics for R&D processes

Precision Cohorts

Winning is in the details. Success begins with a comprehensive understanding and segmentation of patients.  Our comprehensive AI-enriched patient profiles are enriched with more than 2,000 healthcare features and predicted outcomes.  Use these AI-enriched profiles to define and gain insights into precision cohorts. 

  • Find hard-to-identify patients and under-penetrated segments by applying specific inclusion
    and exclusion criteria 
  • Map the care pathways, medical and social needs, and health-related behaviors of key populations
  • Pinpoint health economic impacts and intervention opportunities (e.g. patients at-risk for fall-related injuries)
  • Target and rank healthcare providers (HCPs) that treat a disproportionate share of key populations

Health Disparities

Understand patients’ medical and social needs; identify populations with disproportionate unmet needs, specific barriers to care, or at risk of non-adherence; and gain insights into the non-clinical factors that impact the patient journey and access to therapy. 

  • Pinpoint patients who might benefit from medication assistance programs, targeted education, delivery services, adherence reminders, or medication management 
  • Prioritize providers who treat these cohorts with tailored messaging
  • Design high-impact support service bundles
  • Understand any differential outcomes for patients that face high social risks 

Citations & Footnotes

ClosedLoop.ai is an exciting and important partner in our strategy to develop timely predictive insights through operationalized AI solutions that will drive member engagement and better health outcomes.

Pat Wang
President & CEO, Healthfirst
Klas image

ClosedLoop.ai’s healthcare expertise was a big deal to us. It didn’t take a lot to translate things, and they adapted their approach to create a predictive model for our unique interest in the data streams.

Anonymous Customer CEO
KLAS Analyst Report

We are extremely impressed with the predictive modeling capabilities the ClosedLoop platform has delivered. The ClosedLoop team has exceeded all defined goals and benchmarks set to date and we anticipate a substantial return on our investment as these predictions are operationally deployed.

Cheryl Lulias
President & Executive Director, MHN
Klas image

We wanted to use the product for population health and SDOH. The things we can do with the ClosedLoop.ai product are unlimited.

Anonymous Customer
KLAS Analyst Report

Over the course of my career, there has never been an opportunity like this. The need for efficiency is a daunting challenge. The capacity of predictive AI technology drives our efficiency and will have a lasting impact on our ability to help PCPs improve the quality of health outcomes while reducing health disparities.

Dr. Jim Walton
President & CEO, Genesis Physicians Group

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