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Unrelenting increases in healthcare costs and disappointing patient outcomes are accelerating the interest in value-based contracts (VBCs). By putting data and patients at the center of the transformation, VBCs create a foundation for change, an opportunity for real differentiation, and can unlock new win-win partnership opportunities.

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ClosedLoop generates explainable predictions using

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Value-Based Contracting Success

Value-based contracts are demanding. Designing and implementing them successfully requires capabilities that allow you to identify the right opportunities, foster collaboration with key stakeholders, and operationalize them with technologies that are scaled, repeatable, and trusted. Use ClosedLoop's platform so you can  

  • Choose the right treatments and identify the specific patient cohorts and outcomes that align stakeholders  
  • Agree on measures that best reflect performance and outcomes
  • Develop “wrap-around” care and service models that support long-term success 
  • Have a neutral third party to collect and share data (while maintaining privacy and security), manage performance monitoring, and adjudicate findings 

Product Differentiation

Success starts with right product. ClosedLoop’s platform can help you identify the best products for value-differentiated success, explore new business models, and pave a way for collaboration with key stakeholders. 

  • Determine which pharmaceuticals work best with value-based pricing agreements 
  • Stratify patients to focus on high-risk subpopulations or specific biomarkers 
  • Identify measurable and reportable metrics that facilitate targeting, tracking and evaluation
  • Identify opportunities for bundled offerings or digital therapeutics that drive outcomes 

Accelerated Collaboration

Collaboration is paramount to success in value-based contracts and having the right platform makes all the difference.  ClosedLoop can be your collaboration platform for transparent data handling, analytics, and rapid opportunity assessment. 

  • Assess specific opportunities with HCOs partners using their data
  • Identify and reach consensus on specific cohorts, key outcomes, and standards for specific metrics
  • Run pilots that focus on quality and outcomes before adding risk or financial rewards; monitor patient access and anticipate barriers, and test solutions that drive access and engagement
  • Share the platform across multiple stakeholders.  Enable learning collaboratives for real-world evidence development that grow into formal value-based contracts

Agreement Administration

Having a neutral, third-party coordinating center to administer and adjudicate VBC agreements is key. Use ClosedLoop's highly-secure data integration technologies and AI platform to execute contracts at-scale and replicate success across markets and partners.

  • Data access, standardization, interoperability and exchange, and HIPAA-compliant systems for securely transferring and storing data 
  • Protocol design, including patient inclusion, study measures, and time periods for evaluation.
  • Pilots and field evaluations to test performance, monitor uptake and determine the appropriate time to initiate VBC (e.g. adequate sample size)
  • Contract Ops, including performance monitoring, management and processing of data and contract adjudication.
Citations & Footnotes

ClosedLoop is an exciting and important partner in our strategy to develop timely predictive insights through operationalized AI solutions that will drive member engagement and better health outcomes.

Pat Wang
President & CEO, Healthfirst

Our partnership with ClosedLoop adds the depth of AI to more accurately identify those patients who are most likely to benefit from our primary care interventions as well to evaluate these interventions and make more relevant and timely modifications to improve their effectiveness.

David Klebonis
Chief Operating Officer, PBACO

We are extremely impressed with the predictive modeling capabilities the ClosedLoop platform has delivered. The ClosedLoop team has exceeded all defined goals and benchmarks set to date and we anticipate a substantial return on our investment as these predictions are operationally deployed.

Cheryl Lulias
President & Executive Director, MHN

We’re able to store and operationalize analytics directly from ClosedLoop. That’s driving real value—it’s accelerated the implementation of key insights into clinical workflows and it allows us to more easily account for all of the different factors that influence intervention decisions.

Christer Johnson
Chief Analytics Officer, Healthfirst

At SWHR, our patient-centered network is committed to innovative care models that are value-based, high-quality, and data-driven. Because of our partnership with ClosedLoop, we’re better able to identify and act on the most impactful opportunities for our physician partners to improve patient results and reduce unnecessary costs.

Dr. Jason Fish
Chief Medical Officer & SVP, Southwestern Health Resources

We compared the ClosedLoop predicted spend to the spend predicted by a leading rules-based risk prediction engine and found that 75% of the time ClosedLoop was closer, and in most cases significantly closer, to the actual spend.

Phillip Bruns
Chief Technology Officer, CareATC

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