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ClosedLoop’s end-to-end data science platform combines leading-edge AI tools and automation capabilities with healthcare-specific content, making it easy for HCOs to transform their data into accurate and explainable predictive models.

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Easily Handle Messy Healthcare Data

Healthcare data is notoriously “messy.” ClosedLoop makes it simple to import raw healthcare data sets, such as medical claims, prescriptions, EMR, and custom data, without the need for tedious data normalization and cleansing.

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Automate Feature Engineering

ClosedLoop helps healthcare data scientists build models and features smarter and faster—freeing them to focus their time on discovery of new insights.

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Increase Accuracy

ClosedLoop provides data scientists with the tools they need to build highly accurate models and to continuously improve those models as new data and insights are surfaced.

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Enhance Explainability

ClosedLoop unpacks the “Black Box” of artificial intelligence allowing data scientists and clinicians to understand why and how factors impact a model’s prediction, driving faster adoption and better clinical results.

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Support Collaboration

ClosedLoop allows data scientists and clinicians to create and iterate on predictive models together.

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Enable Seamless Model Deployment

With ClosedLoop’s end-to-end solutions, it is easy to operationalize a model and automatically update predictions as new data arrives.

Supporting Teams to Improve Outcomes

By connecting actionable insights to targeted interventions for specific individuals within a population, care teams can reduce preventable hospitalizations and better manage costly chronic conditions, while improving efficiencies and reducing total costs. Supported by the right technology and tools, forward-thinking organizations can lead the charge to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and patient-centered.

Turn-Key Predictions for Common Healthcare Challenges

ClosedLoop provides a wide array of off-the-shelf model templates for common healthcare use cases and creates customized models to meet each organization's needs.


Combines an intuitive end-to-end machine learning platform with a rich library of 2,000+ healthcare-specific models and features.

Explainable AI, Easy Integration

Create production-ready models within 24 hours. Deliver comprehensive and highly explainable patient-specific risk profiles directly into workflows.

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