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How ClosedLoop helps organizations succeed with AI/ML

Pat Wang

CEO & President

Driving member engagement and better health outcomes

“ClosedLoop is an exciting and important partner in our strategy to develop timely predictive insights through operationalized AI solutions that will drive member engagement and better health outcomes.”

Dr. Jason Fish

Chief Medical Officer

Improving patient results and reducing costs

“Because of our partnership with ClosedLoop, we’re better able to identify and act on the most impactful opportunities for our physician partners to improve patient results and reduce unnecessary costs.”

David Klebonis

Chief Operating Officer

Accurately identifying those most likely to benefit from interventions

“Our partnership with ClosedLoop adds the depth of AI to more accurately identify those patients who are most likely to benefit from our primary care interventions as well to evaluate these interventions and make more relevant and timely modifications to improve their effectiveness.”

Phillip Bruns

Chief Technology Officer

Outperforming rules-based approaches to predicting spend

“We compared the ClosedLoop predicted spend to the spend predicted by a leading rules-based risk prediction engine and found that 75% of the time ClosedLoop was closer, and in most cases significantly closer, to the actual spend.”

Debbie Finnel


Being preventative and getting ahead of acute events

“Nothing is more exciting to me than the ability to be preventative. With ClosedLoop, we can stratify our patients and get ahead of acute events for individuals. That really puts fuel in our engines.”

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