Case Study — Healthfirst achieves agile AI/ML in Healthcare

As a healthcare innovator and early pioneer in value-based healthcare, Healthfirst realized that developing robust predictive capabilities was critical to improving member outcomes while reducing costs, and made the development of agile AI/ML capabilities a top priority.

Since 2019, they've partnered with ClosedLoop for a comprehensive suite of tools and pre-built templates supporting all aspects of healthcare machine learning. ClosedLoop’s tools enabled the team to rapidly build, iterate on, and validate predictive models, as well as deploy them to clinical end-user workflows.

Read the case study to learn how Healthfirst has implemented an agile AI development process with ClosedLoop. To date, Healthfirst has defined and built 1,590 healthcare-specific ML features and has 17 predictive models currently deployed.

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Case Study — Healthfirst achieves agile AI/ML in Healthcare

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