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Learn more about the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge and ClosedLoop’s win. Gain insight into ClosedLoop's explainable Patient Health Forecasts, how the challenge drove acceleration across the board, and why clinicians love our winning solution.

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CMS Selects Winner and Runner-Up in Artificial Intelligence Health Outcomes Challenge.

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announcement that ClosedLoop wins the CMS challenge
Closedloop wins CMS challenge

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Watch the on-demand to discover how ClosedLoop ultimately emerged from the initial 300+ entrants as the winner. We discuss the two-year challenge, our approach to the solution development process, and the key lessons learned, including:

  • The importance of AI explainability and physician trust
  • Why healthcare domain expertise was essential to our victory
  • How our submission evolved with each stage of the challenge
  • Our top takeaways as the winner of the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge

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We've been a customer for over three years and have used ClosedLoop's AI based predictive models to target a variety of interventions aimed at reducing avoidable admissions and other adverse events.  The Patient Health Forecast that ClosedLoop has developed for the CMS Challenge represents a huge leap forward in providing even deeper explainability to front line clinicians.  Our clinicians don't need to wonder "why was this person flagged as high risk?" - the Patient Health Forecast explains exactly what each patient is at risk for and why

Dr. Arthur Jones
Chief Medical Officer for Medical Home Network

For many physicians and nurses, we learn by case studies or ‘anecdotes.  When we see a patient on a particular medication, or with a particular diagnosis, we are often reminded of a unique case study or anecdote of a previous patient. Those mental images can bias us without question, as busy clinicians don't have time to review years of patient data to help us understand if our mental image is accurate for a patient with a similar set of symptoms.  

ClosedLoop's Patient Health Forecast, if we can learn to trust it, can help reverse this tendency, and say to all clinicians interested in practicing excellent care: ‘trust the machine to help you find the relevant information - the needles in the haystack - and disabuse you of your anecdotal reflex.’

Dr. Jim Walton
President & CEO, Genesis Physicians Group